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Internship/Volunteer Roles

Business Development Champion


The ideal candidate will have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. S/he will be outgoing and extroverted and passionate about people. S/he will need to be able to identify and take advantage of donation opportunities.

The candidate must have a heart for and a commitment to victims of Human Trafficking, be invested in our model of prevention and be able to clearly and passionately articulate the work that LJSA does.

S/he must be able to build meaningful and long-term relationships with people and be willing to work towards financial targets. S/he must be relatively technology savvy and enjoy working on social media. S/he must be well organised, be able to lead a team of volunteers and understand the importance of her/his role to LJSA’s work.


The role includes developing and managing donor relationships with high net worth individuals and corporate donors. It also includes managing a team of volunteers who will work within their own networks using to source fund raising opportunities. Throughout the year we will also have several fundraising events that the candidate will execute.

Donor Relations

  1. Research, identify, and contact prospective donors
  2. Present funding opportunities to potential donors
  3. Conduct ongoing strategic networking with prospective donors
  4. Build and maintain relationships with existing and potential donors
  5. Maintain records of donor information for future use


Fundraising Events

  1. Assist in the development of a strong fundraising message that appeals to potential donors
  2. Implement the fundraising strategy for LJSA which might include
    1. Conducting HT awareness talks at schools
    2. Organising opportunities to speak at churches to explain our work, source donors and raise supporters
    3. Coordinate fundraising events eg music events, young adult socials, raffles
  3. Evaluate the success of previous fundraising events
  4. Ensure that all legal reporting requirements are satisfied

Volunteer Management

  1. Identify and source fundraising volunteers through church speaking events
  2. Use LJ ‘event in a box’ to equip volunteers to run their own fundraising events
  3. Manage, equip and inspire volunteers to raise funds

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