You can save a life from slavery.

Because every life is worth fighting for.

How does a young girl enter a life of sex trafficking?


Young girls are often forced or deceived to leave their homes

False Promises

Usually with the promise of marriage or money…


Only to be sold, raped, tortured, or imprisoned.

We’ve intercepted over 410 people in South Africa to prevent them from being trafficked.
And that number is growing every day.

Give monthly, and you’ll become a part of Project Beautiful, a passionate community committed to rescuing beautiful lives from trafficking.

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How do we protect the innocent?


Our trained staff look for trafficking “red flags” at transit stations and border crossings.


We intercept and save the innocent while trafficking is in process.

Follow Up

We provide care for the innocent victims and help prosecute traffickers.

We’re on a mission to stop human trafficking, and we need your help.

What if…she could be saved…BEFORE she entered a life of trafficking?

We believe every life is beautiful and worth fighting for.

She is valuable.
She is not just a victim.
She is human. She is precious.
She deserves to be free.
Because every life is beautiful.

Join Project Beautiful

A passionate community committed to rescuing beautiful lives from sex trafficking.

R200 per month

Can contribute towards the rescue of a life

R500 per month

Can fund the rescue of 1 life per year

R1000 per month

Can fund the rescue of 2 lives per year