Church Partnerships

Join the fight against injustice.

Church partnerships are as critical to us as field workers in the countries we serve. As a Love Justice advocate, you will be able to use your God-given gifts and talents to share what God is doing through this ministry. You will be able to help us raise the financial resources that are necessary to do what we do. You will encourage people to stand in the gap for the ministry through prayer, and you will empower people to be kingdom doers by serving “the least of these.”

How can you help us fight injustice?


We believe prayer plays a major role in the eradication of injustice.


We believe in a God of justice and are passionately committed to fighting the world’s greatest injustice: human trafficking. Help us work to intercept and save beautiful lives from the horrors of human trafficking.


Share our updates and prayer requests with your congregation, or invite us to come speak to your congregation.