Family reunions are generally a fun time full of love, laughter, and stories shared, but sometimes they can be quite the opposite, depending on your family.

Penn* was excited that she would have the opportunity to travel somewhere that she’d never been to before and be reunited with a cousin she hadn’t seen in two years. With her flight booked, she was ready to jet set to beautiful South Africa.

Our well-trained team noticed some irregularities in Penn’s demeanor, and out of concern for her, they approached her to hear her story. She told them that she was visiting her cousin and coming for a family reunion. She seemed excited to visit the beautiful country of South Africa. Having dealt with similar situations before, our team continued to dig deeper and soon found out that Penn was possibly in real danger of becoming a victim of sex trafficking.

Penn graciously gave our team all the information she knew about her hosts, and our team spared no time in making sure that Penn would be safe as she went about her travels. Unbeknownst to her, her beloved cousin was suspected to be recruiting her into the sex industry, and our staff explained to Penn that she was also at risk of debt bondage.

Dedicated to Penn’s safety, our staff informed her of the risk she was facing. They fully equipped her with the knowledge of the dangers of human trafficking, and she returned back to her home country.

Recruiting foreign women into the sex industry is a common occurrence, and the victims become bonded by debt and fear. They disappear, and no one knows or suspects anything because they are foreigners. Penn’s story represents many others who have been deceived into modern-day slavery, and by intercepting one individual at a time, we are preventing others like Penn from a life of exploitation.

*Not her real name