They say love is blind. The obvious flaws of the person you’re in love with are overshadowed by the infatuation of those initial first few moments of being together. Angeline* had first met Simon* on Facebook and then shortly after met him in person. It seemed to be love at first sight. Every girl dreams of a pain-free romance that hopefully leads to marriage. Simon seemed to be that man for Angeline; he was charming, and he offered her the security and comfort that she so desired.

Angeline was thrilled when Simon suggested that she come home with him to meet his parents. This could only mean one thing: he was ready to take their relationship to the next level. Could a proposal be on the horizon? She of course readily agreed, and true to his charming nature, Simon took care of everything. This made her feel so special and loved.

Thankfully, our team was alert and noticed a wide-eyed and excited Angeline sitting next to her man. Our team approached them to find out the purpose of their travel. What seemed to be a dream come true, slowly started to become a nightmare.

Below the surface of Simon’s charming facade was a world of lies. Simon had failed to tell Angeline that he had been living in South Africa illegally and that he intended to marry her once they arrived in his home country.

He denied it, and she believed him.

It became apparent to our team that he was following a well-known method of exploitation: where a man marries a woman from a foreign country and takes advantage of her vulnerability. A stranger in an unknown land, she is soon forced into a life of unimaginable exploitation.

Despite our team warning Angeline, they continued on their journey. However, Simon was deported back to his home country for living illegally in South Africa, and Angeline was denied travel as she didn’t have a legitimate visa.

Angeline’s heart was broken; blinded by the love and care that Simon offered her, she was unable to see the truth. Our team continues to offer her support.

* Not Real Names