Jobs are not easy to come by for most people living in Africa, so when an opportunity that promises provision and stability is offered, it is likely that it will be snapped up quickly.  Freya* did exactly that when she was offered an opportunity to earn a salary in a far off country. She dreamt of a new beginning, a lifeline that would get her out of the despair she lived and breathed; the difficulty of making ends meet, the constant worry about how she was going to survive the next day.

We see this story play out every day in our work at Love Justice. Difficult economic conditions trap people in a lifestyle of poverty and make them vulnerable to the lures of traffickers. Their desperation forces them to take risks they wouldn’t normally take, unaware of the lions that prey on their naivety. On this day, *Freya wasn’t the only one deceived or set to start a life of slavery, there were four others recruited by the same person, converging on the same point. Luckily God had a plan for them, and was playing his own game, moving his people into place to thwart the trafficker’s plans.

Our team intervened and questioned the five travellers, trying to piece together their stories, looking for evidence of exploitation or risk of exploitation. We uncovered that all five travellers had the same host, yet he professed to be different people, forging documents yet leaving evidence of the same handwriting. Our follow up with the hosts exposed further evidence of foul play and the reaction of the potential victims indicated to us that they had most definitely been deceived by their handlers. Hours of investigation, questioning, research uncovered the true fight. Not the fight for opportunity, but the fight for freedom. But thankfully God was on their side, and due to the prayers of many who contend day and night for justice and because of the faithfulness of our team members we were able to rewrite their story, to one of hope and freedom.

*Not the real names