We launched our new Love Justice coffee blend in February and it was a great success! This specialty Arabica ethically sourced coffee is definitely worth every cent. Please read this story about our coffee…

Coffee has an amazing way of creating stories and connecting people. If these beans could talk they would tell tales of families who have tended and cared for their crops in the hills of East Africa, the men who traveled miles into those mountains to find the highest quality free trade beans and their thousand mile journey to sunny South Africa.

They would marvel at the painstaking care our roaster took to bring out the best coffee flavours and aromas. And now they continue their journey to you…they look forward to the new stories they will have to tell as you relax and enjoy the beauty they have to offer.

But these beans have another story to tell, how they have connected you, the free with those who are vulnerable. The strong with those are are weak and how they fought the greatest injustice of all time, human trafficking. Changing stories of despair into ones of hope, life and freedom.

You can now be part of that story.

To order our coffee, please email our team: coffeesa@lovejustice.ngo